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Grumbacher Art

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EVE Art Supplies is proud to be the Sole Distributor of Grumbacher Art in South Africa

The best creations call for the best materials. Grumbacher has provided the best for over 100 years with superior color, brushes, mediums, and accessories.

Since 1905, Grumbacher has been a brand trusted by students, professors, art onservationists, and professional artists throughout the United States. We lead the way by setting strict standards of exemplary quality and consistent performance for our materials and tools in service to the art materials industry. Our standards of quality and excellence have resulted in the Grumbacher brand becoming an American tradition.

We take great satisfaction in knowing that artists trust our brand when creating their artwork. Our multi-media products, educational services, and online magazine (thalo magazine) exemplify Grumbacher’s commitment to growing and adapting to the ever-changing environment of the fine art and graphic art industries.

Today, the Grumbacher brand is owned by Chartpak, Inc., a creative products company committed to adhering to the impeccable standards set by Max Grumbacher. Chartpak Inc. welcomes the responsiblity for ensuring Grumbacher’s continued legacy as an American tradition.

We take pride in being an American company and a leader in the industry, for those who, as Max Grumbacher said, "practice art in all its branches".